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VFX Artist At barXseven Visual Effects

I worked for barXseven VFX along one month since mid-August as a Junior VFX Artsit. This is a studio producing visual effects for film based in Montreal. I made some pre-comps with roto and keying on Nuke. I also had the opportunity to test for the simulation with Maya nCloth and match move with PFtrack. I was fortunate to attend a Hollywood blockbuster. I loved the experience and I look forward to working again.

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Demo Reel 2010

NAD works.

  • Signature: Motion Graphics made in the 3D environment of Nuke. (Photoshop & Nuke).
  • Shot1 Duplication: compositing, rotoscoping, color, object deletion, adding shadow and reflection. (Nuke).
  • Shot2 Alice Plan intro: tracking, editing manual tracking, shirt replacement to remove the shadow of the cameraman, the light striking the top right corner of the frame. (Photoshop & Nuke).
  • Shot3 Alien: pass compositing CG subsurface scattering, color, integration. (Nuke).
  • Shot4 Robot: tracking, denoise, CG compositing pass, colorimetry, integration. (PFTrack & Nuke).

Concept, Animation, Modeling Alien:

  • Julie Joannotéguy
  • Olivier Nadeau
  • Marc-Antoine Desjardins

Robot Modeling and Animation:

  • Jeremy Lambolez
  • Robert Quinn

ESMA Works

  • Scenario, research, storyboard, UV unfolding, skinning, texture characters and certain plant nCloth simulation, animation of walking soldiers & the introduction of elements of the final structure, rendering, implementation network rendering, compositing, editing. (Maya, Photoshop, ZBrush, Unfold3D, After Effects, Fusion & Final Cut).


  • Sébastien Buisson
  • Tristan LE GRANCHÉ
  • Flavien LENS
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