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Instant Contact


thanks to the famous QRcode and Unitag you can reach me or get my contact information in an instant. The QR code sends on mobile site hosted by Unitag.

Once on the site you can download a vCard to save me from your contacts. You can also call me or send me an e-mail directly from the menu.

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Finally Bilingual

I finally ended up putting all the site in bilingual French / English. You can read all articles in French. Changing may be made in the top right of the page, bottom left in the menu and at the end of each article.

Otherwise, follow the guide: https://mdesnoyelles.com

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Le Blog !

I began writing Le blog! I’ll try to post links at least once a week in connection with the domain of the image or art in general. Several sections will appear. To avoid missing any of my articles subscribe to my RSS feed or my site.

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mdesnoyelles.com v2

Updating my website, Welcome to version 2.0. I am based on the WordPress code to have a clean and efficient. Design is more personal and site management is simple. I think I made the right choice.

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