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PROTEUS by Floating House VFX

Hello, after a long inactivity on the blog here is a little crush. A Greek studio, which is launching soon, is selling with this magnificent project. I let you discover.

PROTEUS from Floating House VFX on Vimeo.

Proteus is an experimental full CG cinematic, set in a futuristic exo-planet, that we created for the launch of our studio Floating House VFX and the first of the ones to follow.

Antonis Fylladitis
Stavros Fylladitis
Music: Witness by Oliver Michael (ArtList)

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Supermonk Holypop (the guardian of the secret) by Supamonks Studio.

This is the following of the Mythical Supermonk. Enjoy !

SUPERMOINE HOLYPOP (le gardien du secret) from SUPAMONKS STUDIO on Vimeo.

Supermoine is back to get the Vikings !
Legend has it that a mysterious abbey of the Bugey county, many times assailed by blood-thirsty Vikings, never fell. Its indomitable monks are fearless, they brew a potion whose recipe is still a secret to this day…



In Bonus  the origin of the myth:


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Girls and Guys from Summits and skies by Gwenn GERMAIN

This is just amazing. A tribute to Hayao Miyazaki, Jean Giraud aka Moebius and Syd Mead. Really promising !

Celles et Ceux des Cimes et Cieux from Gwenn GERMAIN on Vimeo.

Project: 2D full-length animation film’s trailer (adventure/ science fiction).
Pitch: A young boy who lives in a village on a giant tree, fall in the depth of the forest where he meets two strange natives who will help him to go back home.
Inspirations: Hayao Miyazaki, Jean Giraud, Syd Mead.


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XXIT by Stargate Studio

Hello, I share a short film that is in Blade Runner universe. It is made by Stargate Studio, which produces effects on TV shows such as Heroes, Trauma, The Walking Dead, 24 … And filmed with a Canon EOS C300. These are beautiful pictures, but unfortunately I have not found the ambiance and charm of Blade Runner putting the helm really high.

Bonus the Making Off ! You can also see lots of other interesting resources on their site.

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Makazie One

A wonderful Star Wars fan film that I present here. Mazaki One brings a new story to follow and to imagine in this rich universe has imagined George Lucas. It’s very well filmed and directed, I really enjoyed this short film is actually much more than just a fan film. Troops were already on the limit of simple fan film. For those who do remember most is the recovery of the American series but Cops version empire. Lying on youtube here:
Located in the period between Episodes III and IV, an elite soldier has been sent to hunt down and destroy a known threat to the Empire. There are intense ground battles and haunting images of death.

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The story Beyond The Still by Canon

The story Beyond The Still is a Competition Viméo to promote Canon and its devices. I find great idea and we see wonderful achievement. This is the first contest where participants perform various chapters of the same story from the last frame of the previous chapter. I’ll let you enjoy the first chapter if you have not already done so. Chapter 6 is in progress which will win?

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Demo Reel 2010

NAD works.

  • Signature: Motion Graphics made in the 3D environment of Nuke. (Photoshop & Nuke).
  • Shot1 Duplication: compositing, rotoscoping, color, object deletion, adding shadow and reflection. (Nuke).
  • Shot2 Alice Plan intro: tracking, editing manual tracking, shirt replacement to remove the shadow of the cameraman, the light striking the top right corner of the frame. (Photoshop & Nuke).
  • Shot3 Alien: pass compositing CG subsurface scattering, color, integration. (Nuke).
  • Shot4 Robot: tracking, denoise, CG compositing pass, colorimetry, integration. (PFTrack & Nuke).

Concept, Animation, Modeling Alien:

  • Julie Joannotéguy
  • Olivier Nadeau
  • Marc-Antoine Desjardins

Robot Modeling and Animation:

  • Jeremy Lambolez
  • Robert Quinn

ESMA Works

  • Scenario, research, storyboard, UV unfolding, skinning, texture characters and certain plant nCloth simulation, animation of walking soldiers & the introduction of elements of the final structure, rendering, implementation network rendering, compositing, editing. (Maya, Photoshop, ZBrush, Unfold3D, After Effects, Fusion & Final Cut).


  • Sébastien Buisson
  • Tristan LE GRANCHÉ
  • Flavien LENS
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