NAD Center Demo

NAD Center Demo

Series of shots achieved through training in digital compositing at the NAD Centre – Montreal – Quebec.

  • Signature: Motion Graphics made in the 3D environment of Nuke. (Photoshop & Nuke).
  • Shot1 Duplication: compositing, rotoscoping, color, object deletion, adding shadow and reflection. (Nuke).
  • Shot2 Alice Intro: tracking, editing manual tracking, shirt replacement to remove the shadow of the cameraman, the light striking the top right corner of the frame. (Photoshop & Nuke).
  • Shot3 Bus Shelters: 3D modeling, texture, tracking, delete trackers. (Maya, PFTrack, Photoshop & Nuke).
  • Shot4 Alien: pass compositing CG subsurface scattering, color, integration. (Nuke).
  • Shot5 Robot: tracking, denoise, CG compositing pass, colorimetry, integration. (PFTrack & Nuke).

Shot of Alice is a production of Scylla Film.

Concept, Animation, Modeling Alien:

  • Julie Joannotéguy
  • Olivier Nadeau
  • Marc-Antoine Desjardins

Robot Modeling and Animation:

  • Jeremy Lambolez
  • Robert Quinn


  • Aronas – “Happy Song”

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