Démo Reel 2014

Démo Reel 2014

Shots Breakdown.

00:06 I mainly did the 3D layout in Maya. Adapted or built the modelisation. We also use the photogrametry to get accurate model because all the background are live film. I also checked checked and tuned stereo parameter for virtual camera set up. I made a bit of stereo tracking in PFtrack.

01:00 3D Layout, Rotomation when characters take their shot glass with Maya.

01:20 3D Layout for the mountain shape in Maya and some tracking in Matchmover.

01:34 Nuke compositing. Color key, dashboard lights and instruments animation. Windows crackles.

01:41 Nuke compositing. CG helicopter layers passes, light animation and end crash explosion.

01:53 Nuke Compositing. Stabilization and cat illustration integration.

01:55 Re-speed some part of the footage and add car camera shaking with Nuke.

02:10 For the following sequence. Compositing, Stop motion Puppets digitally re-animated (luma Key, roto, stabilization…), Fix miniature size problems, snow tracks, weather elements, Details animations (Flags, rock, snow), cam shake, defocus and rack focus.

02:26 Ice half pipe edges, flags, panel, wood palisade and tower rotoscopy.

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